My momma :)

It’s my mom’s birthday.  Can’t let the sun go down without taking a moment to say how awesome she is.

When I was younger and played softball – she was the mom that showed up no matter what.  I wanted to do travel ball – so we traveled every weekend.  She never once said do you realize how much this costs.  She never made me feel like I was a burden with how many different things I wanted to do.  That taught me more about love and dedication than any story ever could.

When I turned down a road that no one foresaw.  She never made me feel inferior.  She made sure that I was taking responsibility for my choices.  But she also never turned her back on me.  That taught me about what unconditionally really means.

When I need a shoulder, counselor, or sounding board; I know that I can count on her no matter what.  Even when she is hurting or struggling, she will always make sure no one else is hurting too.  She shows up for people and leads by example of what love really is.

I could spend forever explaining all the things that she taught me.  Even more so, I could spend forever just trying to understand the lessons that where there but never spoken.

I love my momma and I am so thankful that she is my momma and even more so that she is my kids Granny.  I know she may not be perfect but she is the perfect mom for me.

Happy birthday momma!  I love you more than most.