Top 5

Things NOT to say when his team is losing the Super Bowl.

1.  “It’s just a game.” While completely accurate, it is also completely inaccurate – it is the game not a game.  It’s the last game of the season so they know that there will be no football for many months and that mere thought has them very upset before the game ever started.

2. “The party was fun tho right.”  While you may view the party as by-product of the game, it is actually the other way around.  We would have a party to have a party – shoot I have had a party to get ready to have a party 🙂  They are only having the party because of the game…  they need the nourishment from all the food to be able to scream at the TV.

3. If he says he is done watching the game, this is not the time to say “but I want to watch the commercials.”  We all know that more people are watching the commercials not the game, but especially if his team is getting their butt kicked – it just isn’t the best time to bring it up.  Just do what everyone else does and go to YouTube.

4. If it happens to get so bad that the channel is a actually changed.  Do not, I repeat – do not get invested in that show.  At least once – but probably more than once the channel will get changed again.  The frustration of not watching what he wants to be watching will be taken out on the remote.

5. As a last ditch effort to save the night- go ahead and let him know that you preordered the next WWE pay-per-view.  🙂  That one is for u – Gary!!

Disclaimer – my husband is a sports fanatic, and while he does scream at the TV, he really isn’t as bad as this post sounds. We had fun watching the parts of the game we did.  Lol 🙂


The Completion

This is not the pre-Super Bowl post about how awesome I think the Denver Broncos are.  I mean I do, and Peyton is gonna bring it – but that isn’t what this about.

This is about that moment when you have completed something and had the time to let it set in.  Just the getting it done is pretty awesome.  The standing back and admiring it is where the real joy is.

I think this is one of the reasons I love to craft or paint or create a database.  There is that moment afterward where I can appreciate the work and the completion.

I thought this completion really wasn’t going to be a big deal.  It was a step not a completion in my eyes.  But sometimes taking that step is all that you can do.

Now I hope I am able to continue and take the next step.  Right now at this moment, I am going to relish in this completion.

Two years

Wow.  It has almost been two years since my last blog post.  An unbelievable two years.  Revamping the ole blog and going to start writing again. 

I will reflect on the past, but more importantly live in the present.

Here’s to the new old blog and my randomness.

New Directions

Sorry for the Glee reference (not really) for the title and double sorry for the 2 months of solitude. Have a rather hard time figuring out exactly what direction this blog needs to be going and specifically if I really should be using this as an outlet.

Still trying to figure it out – so we’ll just see how it goes.  In the very near future, I am definitely going to revamp the blog.

Lovely Blog Award

Super Excited!! I received the Lovely Blog Award from my friend Beth. I was totally caught by surprise 🙂 Thank you so much Beth!

3 Things I think are lovely:

My Family (most of the time)
Wireless Internet
Crafts (projects like sewing, painting, etc)

I’m going to pass this award onto three other blogs that I really like also:

Miranda’s Feelin’ Frugal – This is a good friend & posts about great deals 🙂

Love that Max – I just read this today in a magazine that came out over the summer.

Five Crooked Halos – Just started following from the Five Question Friday. I have loved getting to hear some funny stories.

Newest member of our family

No – we don’t have a new child…  (thank goodness – not that I don’t love my kids, cuz I do, but I really don’t want to start all over again right now)

We have a puppy!!  His name is Bentley.  He is extra special because he came from a very good friend of mine that wasn’t able to keep him anymore because she is starting her family.  We got to puppy sit him a couple of times over the last 5 months, but now he lives with us!!  We adopted him into our family.

Bentley ready for Halloween Harvest





Here’s me and Bentley ready for the Halloween Harvest in Downtown Auburndale!!  🙂




Now you have been introduced!!  He loved the Halloween Harvest, I think mainly because he got so much attention!!

God’s Grace

This post has been a work in progress for some time now…  I have been working on my notes from Catalyst and will be making some posts about everything that I have been trying to soak in from ATL.  The second sermon from Vintage was the final piece for me to push me to finish this post.

I struggle to see God’s grace in my own life.  All I see are my screw-ups – the things that I should have done, shouldn’t have done, and was just plain stupid to even think about doing.  The big things especially, the things that don’t go away, the things that you live with the consequences for the rest of your life.  Now I know without a shadow of a doubt that I would not be the person that I am today if I had not dealt with, lived through, and, yes, even learned from these things.  But given how big my screw-ups are and how messed up I am, I struggle with really believing and especially living like God’s grace and love really covers all of my junk.

The ironic thing is – I have no problem telling others how much God loves them no matter how big the issue is.  I have no problem referring to my favorite scriptures to convince them that God’s love is bigger than anything.   So why is it so difficult for me to accept it and own it for myself?

During Catalyst the Francis Chan spoke on Thursday evening.  This hour was one of the biggest hours for me of the entire weekend.  Francis talked about how he felt the exact same way that I have been trying to explain.  He, of course, was able to put it so eloquently and deliberately that every person in the building understood and connected with him.  He said that we are constantly giving and showing God’s grace, that at the end of the day we are just spent.  When we reflect back, we don’t see the opportunities that we were giving the grace – just the opportunities that we were really needing and lacking grace.

This week in Vintage @ ,RPC as Timm was going through the scripture (2 Corinthians 5) it really resonated with me.  If God was willing to take all the wrong stuff,  all the junk that I keep dwelling on and place it all on Jesus shoulders so that I would have the opportunity to live and be right with Him, who in the world do I think that I am to keep picking that junk back up?  At the point that I gave my life over to Him, He already knew the bone headed crap that I would get myself into, but he accepted me – junk and all.

So every time that I go beyond God’s grace, and pick back up the junk that He forgave me of a long time ago, I am not only selling myself short, but I am effectively selling Jesus short.  I don’t want to do that anymore.  I want to quit getting in my own way, and just let God’s way be the only way.