Giving Thanks

I know it is after Thanksgiving. However I was unable to sit up, much less write post, right after the lunchtime festivities. So here’s a list of the things that I’m most thankful for in no particular order:

  • Diet Coke – It is amazing a small thing like a Diet Coke can turn a day around
  • My son’s height – At the moment I’m thankful because he was able to get something down for me.  Tomorrow when I have to look for more pants for him because the ones purchased 2 months ago are now too short, maybe not so thankful.
  • My youngest’s humor – He has a joke for everything and a crazy sense of humor to boot.  Sometimes at the most inappropriate times, but he is a great mood changer.
  • My husband’s protectiveness – There is never a doubt in my mind that man will go to bat for me anytime and any situation.   Rather than feel like I can’t handle a situation, I am choosing to be thankful for his strength in taking care of it for me.
  • My daughter’s love of the arts – As much as I love creativity, she takes it to another level.  Her skills continue to amaze me.
  • My crazy coupon loving sister – She helps me save so much money and will help me hunt for something when I need to.
  • My friends – My crazy ones that stretch my embarrassed threshold on a regular basis, the ones that I may not talk to for months but I know I can rely on no matter what, and the ones that I know without a shadow of a doubt that they would tell me the truth even if I didn’t like it.
  • And the rest of family – especially the ones that fit into my friends category as well.

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