Sooo Scary

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Prompt this week is to write about something that scared you as a child.

Being so close to Halloween, this reminds of a particular Trick or Treat adventure. It was third grade, my best friend, Christie, and I were going to Trick or Treat. Her mom had everything mapped out for us. First, we went on a hayride at their church and then trick or treated at the neighborhood right next to the church. After that neighborhood, we went on to the next.

Here we are, two eight year old girls, one dressed as Pippy Longstocking (that’s me) and the other as a sick child complete with thermometer and teddy bear walking up to this completely normal looking house. There is a very large tub on the front porch and an elderly woman sitting in a lawn chair. I walk up to the woman and say “Trick or Treat”, she does not reply as the other houses have by giving me candy. Instead she looks at the tub and says, “If you want the candy, reach in there an get it.” I turn to the tub, and find a man with fake blood on his face and hands in the tub. Now, we are pretty intelligent 3rd graders – we look at each other and say, “No way”. We are not going to touch that guy. But, we are also wanting candy.

We stand there several minutes, pondering our options. Option 1 – walk away without getting candy at this one house; Option 2 – reach in for the candy and know that we are going to scared out of our minds. I look back at the lady, and plead with her to just give us one piece. I figure that if she reaches in, that we will be okay. This entire time, the guy is not moving – at all. I don’t see the candy even moving from him breathing. The lady doesn’t budge, she won’t give us any candy.

Finally, I look to Christie and we decide that we really want some the candy. So we move to the very end of the tub away from the guy’s hands and face. We reach in as slowly and quietly as possible, thinking the entire time if try really hard maybe he won’t notice us. Just as we reach in, the man bolts up and screams. We scream, grab a huge handful of candy, and run away all at the same time. Christie’s mom is, of course, laughing; right along with the man and the lady sitting there.


3 thoughts on “Sooo Scary

  1. celticmama36 says:

    Hilarious! And scary. 🙂 I wouldn’t have been brave enough to reach in there, even for a Reese’s. haha

    I’m here from Mama Kat’s site. Have a great evening!

  2. Jackie says:

    I would’ve freaked out too! Last year, I took my son trick or treating. We got to this house with someone sitting on the porch next to a bowl of candy. The person didn’t move so I thought they weren’t real. But of course the minute we went to get candy from the bowl, he got up and scared us.

  3. tianac says:

    We keep waiting for the perfect Halloween to plan to do something similar at our house. Our kids are finally getting old enough, that it will be loads of fun for them to scare everyone else. 😉 Got to create the stories for other people to get to blog about.. lol

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