10 Things to Never Ask Your Spouse

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10 Things You Should Never Ask Your Spouse – Co-Written with my Spouse

1. Do I look fat? (Eric says he does not want to be in the doghouse for answering a question truthfully)

2. Is she better looking than me? (An active discussion would quickly follow)

3. What do you think of my parents? (Luckily we are very fortunate that this has not been an issue for us, but we have friends that have a difficult time with their monsters-in-law)

4. Is it that time of the month? (Those are fighting words in this household. Known to cause more than one “disagreement”)

5. Can I hold the remote? (If he has the remote, that is just a stupid question that in turn gets a very stupid look.)

6. When are you gonna get your hair done? (And of course, it doesn’t matter how soon after I just got my hair done. So now immediately I wonder what’s wrong with my hair.)

7. Do you really need another pair of shoes? (If you don’t know us very well, you may think that this was directed at me. But nope, my hubby is a shoe fanatic.)

8. Are you going to do anything today? (This one we are both guilty of – but recently he is umpiring on weekends frequently, so if he comes home and I’m still in my PJs… well you get the picture)

9. Are you going to get into that kitchen and fix me a sandwich? (This is a running joke with my sister’s family. Generally, my hubby knows that if he really asked me that seriously it would not be a good outcome.)

10. Do ya wanna? (All I’m saying is if you have to ask, the answer is probably no.)


One thought on “10 Things to Never Ask Your Spouse

  1. Cathy says:

    BTDT…4 is wrong to ask at any time of the month and 8 is very guilt inducing. I particularly agree with the last one!

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