Good Enough

When did the concept of being good enough start up? I know that as society changes, the perceptions of work ethic changes as well. Aren’t we suppose to work to our fullest capabilities because it is our fullest capabilities. Not because someone else deserves our best, but that we need to be giving our best.

Colossians 3:23

I don’t expect my kids to make straight A’s, but why is it too much to ask for them to do their best. Doing their best should be what they want as well. If you have a test, why do I need to continuously ask if you have studied? If you are really trying to do your best, you will have spent the time to prepare so you know that you know you will do your best. When did it become acceptable to just do good enough? I mean, a B is good enough, so why even try to something more.

This problem then continues into adulthood. There are so many employees that just do the minimum of what is required of them. Then wonder why they don’t get promotions or raises. Maybe, just maybe, if we all started working like we are working for the Lord; things would start to change. We might actually start to see a shift employment. We might actually enjoy our jobs more. And maybe we might actually find that we don’t need the work to fulfill us.


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