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The prompt this week is just to tell you about my song. Well, I love music – so I always have a several “my songs”.

1 – Perfect by P!nk. I am big P!nk fan, she can not only flat out sing, but she also has the tough girl don’t put up with any crap persona. For me, this song exhibits what I want for my kids. I have made bad choices, but I have continued to push hard to overcome those choices. I have had to work very hard to deal with horrible self esteem. I want my kids to remember that while they are going to deal with stuff – no matter what they are perfect to me. I know they will make mistakes, but they each are the perfect combination of me and their dad.

2 – So many songs by Michael Ray. Michael is a crazy talented friend that has recently been signed by Conway Entertainment. On his current album my favorites are (in no particular order): 23 Psalm, She’s My Everything, Radio Love Song, Too Country, Things I Ain’t Proud Of. Ok, ok, so basically I just love all of them. Seriously though, every time my husband hears Michael sing “She’s My Everything”, he cries. He wrote such a great song depicting the love of a daughter. Love getting to see an amazing guy chase after his dream.


4 thoughts on “My Song…

  1. Perfect by Pink has such a good message for girls. (and boys too) I love that song too! I want to play that over and over for my future kids.


  2. celticmama36 says:

    I’ll have to look up Pink’s song on YouTube. I have heard of her, but have never heard her music. I love many varieties of music. I will check out your friend’s site.

    I enjoyed reading your post and am visiting from Mama Kat’s site. Have a great day!

    • tianac says:

      When you look up P!nk, please keep in mind that there is a clean version – and a not so clean version. It’s up to you, but consider yourself warned…

      Thanks for visiting too!

  3. Jenners says:

    I love Pink! She does have a very strong public persona .. but she can be so vulnerable and gentle too. I love that “Have You Ever” song of hers. And how cool that you have a crazy talented friend!

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