Happy Birthday!

I can’t believe how quickly this last year has gone. I just re-read my post from last year when Autumn turned 16. Now she’s another year closer to being grown, and I’m just another year older.

I’ve never understood how when you’re a kid, time seems to go so slow – it takes forever to get out of elementary school, then another forever to get out of middle school, and then a third forever to get out of high school. By the time we graduate, we’ve already lived 3 forevers and time all of a sudden speeds up to light speed. It is like you have to force yourself to take a moment and cherish the time that you have.

This is me – cherishing my time with my girl. Every moment that I can just hang out with her and spend time with her is time well spent. She continues to blow me away with her outlooks on everything, and her funny way of expressing herself. I love watching her grow up, and hate watching her grow further away from being my baby.

Autumn – Don’t let anyone ever let you believe that you are less than amazing. If they think that, they are the one loosing out, not you. Don’t ever convince yourself that you can’t accomplish something, you can do anything that you set your mind to (that stubborn thing – ya, you get that naturally). Most importantly, please don’t ever think that I want anything than the best for you – because while you think I’m just a psycho mom, I’m just trying to protect you and help you advert some of life’s messes. I love you so much that I could never fully put into words.


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