Common Sense

At least once a day, I feel like this cartoon. I don’t know why I would expect someone to understand that if I say dinner will be ready in 10 minutes, that the table should be cleared off and set. Or at work, that “co-worker” (you know the one I mean) does something else that is just completely crazy. The rest of us are just wondering how in the world do they think that is a sane thing to do.

What happened to common sense?

While I can’t do anything about the “co-worker”, I can continue to give my kids the look when they do something boneheaded. I can continue to make them repeat themselves when they say something complete asinine, until they realize exactly how crazy they sound. And I can continue to make a statement and expect them to understand if that statement should require action. Maybe, just maybe, one of these days when they are grown and on their own – they won’t be that “co-worker”.


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