Top 5 Places

The Top Places I want to visit in my lifetime –

1) Venice, Italy – specifically I want to ride in a gondola with my hubby and a bottle of wine
2) Fiji – As in where the Bachelor or Bachelorette always goes to for the finale. I want to stay in a hut that is over the water. Be able to take a yacht cruise over to a private island and all the works.
3) Australia – I want to stand on the beach there and just listen to natives talk.
4) Mount Rushmore in South Dakota – I just think that would be an amazing sight to see.
5) Prior to 9/11, seeing the twin towers in New York City would be on the list. Now, I would still want to see Ground Zero. And of course, while in NYC, go to Broadway and shop. The biggest trick to this trip would be my hubby not complaining while taking in as much Broadway as I want to see. So maybe, the Broadway trip should be just me and Autumn.

So what about you? If money was not object – where would you want to go?


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