It’s that Time of Year again??

Wow, it’s already fall? Where has the year gone. But currently, in my household, the discussions are not revolving about the season – but more importantly what comes during this time of year. Now, if you know my husband, you would automatically assume that I’m talking about football. College, NFL, it doesn’t matter – if football can be seen on TV it should seen (this is his rule – NOT mine).

But actually, now that we have 2 kids in High School (GO HOUNDS), there stems an even more important part to this time of year. Homecoming – just saying the word brings back so many memories from my days at AHS. However, there is now a tremor deep in my bones at the thought of…. dum, da dum…. Dress shopping. Since the good Lord made my daughter, my daughter – I know that He is definitely laughing at me right now. We will begin the hunt for “the dress” today. So while I’m not praying for patience, because I know what that will bring – instead I’m just praying that sometime during the many visits to many stores there will be a moment. You know the moment I mean – the quiet glowing light that shines down on the perfect dress, with the perfect fit, no alterations needed, and of course at the right price that you don’t even have to look twice.


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