My Soapbox

I generally don’t get very worked up over things in the headlines. But here is one that absolutely has me fired up. This story about the Supreme Court ruling that the Anti-Gay funeral picketers were okay to be at a Marine’s funeral. Here’s my problem:

1 – We have always held our Servicemen and women at a higher regard. When a person that has dedicated their lives to the protection and service for people of the Country, that should be respected with the highest regard. That is why when a Police Officer has lost his life in the line of duty, it is front page news. All of the details for the funeral service for that service worker is also front page news. Everyone in the area mourns. They mourn the loss of life no matter if they personally knew the person or not. At what point in time did our Military people move from also being held to that same regard. That Marine was also a Serviceman. That role in itself should have been enough reason for there not to be picketers. Why have the Military Servicemen now become just an “expendable” list of names in the newspaper that is glossed over instead of individuals that should be mourned as well.

2 – This one I have to try very hard to be diplomatic on – the God that I read about in the Bible, would not endorse such tactics as this. 1 John 4 is all about God’s love. Love comes from God and is of God. If we are not showing love to one another we are not showing God to one another. How in this world do we (as Christ followers) expect to make a difference in this world if this is the example of God that is being displayed? If the only thing the people see is this – why would they want to have anything to do with God? I understand that God would not have endorsed the lifestyle choices of this man, but you know what – there are plenty of choices that we make on a daily basis that God would not endorse either. Does that mean we should all of a line up of picketers following us around that the Wrath of God is here?

3 – Here is the biggest piece of this whole puzzle that upsets me – The decision from the Supreme Court is based upon the picketers freedom of speech as depicted in the First Amendment. While our freedom of speech is what gives me the right to compose this with my words and thoughts. It should not give someone the right to terrorize a family. One person’s right of speech does not remove the other person’s right to live a peaceful life. One person’s right of speech does not negate the right of a family to mourn. One person’s right of speech should never overshadow a life lost, even more so that life lost during service to our Country. Essentially the Supreme Court just ruled that the right of free speech was more important that Marine’s now silent voice.

4 – It will be said that our Founding Fathers wanted to ensure our freedom’s to last forever. Our Founding Fathers would have never expected our morals to have moved so far from the basis in which our great Nation was founded. They certainly would have never planned on our taking this freedom to such an extreme. The Supreme Court’s decision to continue to hold this freedom’s so tightly has only aided and abetted this thought process that “I” mean more than “you”. “My” freedom comes before anybody’s feelings, thoughts, or even their freedoms. This erosion of the human spirit has and will continue to deteriorate until we all make the conscious effort to put others first.


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