Amazing Thanksgiving Story

This is real life. This really happened – it isn’t made up. So many times all we hear about it the negative aspects of things happening in school. How God isn’t able to be discussed or represented in anyway in the school system. Here’s the thing – so long as there are Christians working in the schools, then God will be represented. Read for yourself…

Yesterday, a Foodservice Manager’s nightmare happened to me and my staff and I just wanted to pass on a little note to those of you out there that may seem to have all that you can handle, and feel that you have no hope left.

There was not an open invitation for visitors for the Thanksgiving meal yesterday, but even though I knew this, I thought that a few parents would drift in, so I asked our cook to pull out and prepare several more turkey roasts, over and above what we would need for our students and teachers. We did not expect the over 100 adults who showed up, especially in a school that is over 90% free and reduced, for which I have to pull nails to get participation just for the “free and reduced” applications.

The half way mark came and I began to see and feel the concern on the faces of my servers. I told them to keep calm, we would be fine – I went back to my office and prayed, “Lord, please help us have enough to feed our kids”… not really believing that He heard me or that it would be an important item on His agenda.

By the 3rd quarter my staff was screaming at me that we were running out… I tried to stay calm, but was slowly losing the battle. We then pulled out a pan of frozen sliced turkey which my cook did a wonderful job of dressing up to serve – I don’t think anyone noticed… until that too ran out. By then it was a rampaging war behind the serving lines at Combee Elementary. We had (2) classes left and NO TURKEY LEFT IN THE PANS, just a few gibbets and very little gravy – I checked both sides. I went to the cook and told her to pull out our emergency pizza (Pizza at Thanksgiving). I walked down the lines and looked into the smiling faces of the last two Kindergarten classes and told them that we had ran out of turkey, would they be satisfied with pizza. Although, I know that they were anticipating a Thanksgiving meal, they said “yes”, pizza would be fine… still smiling.

I walked back to my office feeling very low and almost in tears. Two of my staff came in and I told them that I couldn’t possibly think of anything nice to say, to please leave me in peace for a moment, they left my office knowing that that is not my personality and I’m sure upset and disappointed because they too had given their all to create a wonderful meal. Another staff member came in and sat down and said “Miss Teresa, we put out pans together (pans that I had checked myself and found empty), and we were able to feed all of the children a Turkey Meal.” I just looked at her and said, “there is no way that you fed over 30 students, there wasn’t any meat left.” Her response was, “I don’t know how we did it but every time I put my scoop in the pan, it came out with turkey in it.”

I’m not ashamed to tell you that I cried yesterday, and all the way to work this morning, thankful tears of how wonderfully blessed I really am.

To think that that little pray did not go unheard and it was important…

Today I am truly “Thankful” to know that I know “Whose I am”, and that He has chosen me as His own. I am thankful for a staff that although lost the calm, still became a team in the end (that is another story)… and fed the multitude.

Please don’t let today pass without telling Him how “thankful” you are because He cares for you… and the little things you think are beneath His notice.


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