My Sis

Today is my sister’s birthday!  Now don’t ask her which one is older – she really likes that question.  Especially since she is 7 years older than me!

So here’s three things that I have learned from her:

1 – Shopping.  My big sis is a shopping queen.  During the time she lived in south Fla. we would hit Sawgrass together whenever I visited.  Now, the queen of coupon shopping.  She saves money like crazy!  Even better, she lets me know what the good deals are and when to hit them.

2 – Perseverance.  I am in awe of the strength and perseverance of my Sis.  She has overcome more things in her life than most people even dream of dealing with.  She still gets back up, brushes herself off, and moves forward.

3 – What not to do if you flip a car in a ditch.  There is a pipe underneath the car called the exhaust pipe.  And if you have flipped your car in the ditch, and are forced to cross over the underneath of said car – be very careful not to slip.  But if for some crazy reason you do slip – do not, I repeat do not, grab ahold of the exhaust pipe to catch yourself.  You will wind up with 2nd degree burns on your hand.

Seriously,  I am very thankful to have had her as a role model in my life.  I don’t always tell her – but her influence helped make me, me.  We are very different, but at the core – we are very similar.

Love you Sis!!



One thought on “My Sis

  1. Tammy says:

    Thanks, T. You made me cry… Love u lots

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