Top 24

The top 24 performed over the last two nights.  First the girls then the guys.  Here’s my take on it all.

My favorite girls are Katie, Crystal, & Didi.  They all have great stories, but also they can sing!  I am really not a Lily, Haeley, or Siobhan fan – but one or all three will probably be sticking around.

My favorite guys are Todrick, Lee, Mike, Casey, & Andrew.  I think the judges were much harder on the guys tonight than the girls last night.  I don’t know if they watched the show back last night and realized that they weren’t that hard on the girls so they were trying to make up for it or what.  The guys tonight just could not catch a break with the judges.  Either they changed the song too much or they didn’t take enough of a risk.  I enjoyed guys night so much more than the girls night.  They showed so much more originality than the girls.

I have been an avid AI fan since the first season.  I wasn’t real excited about the prospect of Ellen coming on the show.  She has definitely surprised me.  Her comments have been more direct and not crazy happy go lucky as I thought she was going to be.  (When she was a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance it was a joke.)  I am curious if Simon is going to be this overly critical since he is not planning on coming back after this year – we will just have to stay tuned to find out.

This season does seem to have more overall talent than any other year so far – looking forward to the cuts & weeks to come.


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