Checking in

So I haven’t blogged since the beginning of the year.  It has just been a crazy time.  So much going on.  Raising money for RPC going portable & Honduras.  (Side note:  go check out the new RPC website – I love it)  I have been working on my resolutions (well – sort of).  I have been finishing things – lots of things lately in fact.   I have also been doing much better with my daily reading.  The updated YouVersion is pretty awesome.  Accountability partner – I’m meeting for the first time with tomorrow.  I am super excited about this one.   More about this one in my next post.  2 non-girlie books hasn’t worked out so far.  But I do still have a few days to knock this one out.  On the other hand I really havn’t read many girlie books either (doesn’t that mean this one doesn’t count?).  Saturdays – I actually have not worked a Saturday so far this month.  I have had things planned for nearly each and everyone of the them also though.  So now my budget is hurting, and I’m really not more relaxed from not working those days.  So that’s where I am.

As this month winds down, I am required to revisit my failures over the last year.  Complete paperwork that I wish would just do it self and disappear.  I am excited about the new opportunities for this year and just keep focusing on not the why but that God is there with me.  (Thanks Rebecca for that on Sunday)


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