My accountability partner is someone that respect not only as a mom and wife, but as awesome Godly woman.  Ginny and I are going to meet once a week either for lunch or dinner depending on our schedules and make each other be more accountable for our walk with God and how we are doing as a wife & mom.

God had layed on my heart sometime ago that I really needed someone in my life that I would just be honest with and I would expect them to just be honest with me.  Tell  me when I am just overacting, or that I need to buckle down and push through what is going on.  Since the beginning of year, I have been earnestly praying for the right person to be shown to me.  I am so thankful that God chose Ginny for me.

After knowing that God wanted this relationship for me, I started reading up what would be a good game plan for us.  I came across this article about accountablity relationships that just reminded me why this is such a big deal.  It said that “Accountability relationships are more than just opportunities for conversations. They are commitments between Christians who trust each other and give one another permission to speak to levels of truth that casual relationships pass over…. It is certainly true that most of us avoid accountability relationships because there is no one we would trust with our secrets, failures and struggles…. ”   When we stop and think about it, we have so many casual relationships.  The people that ask, “so how’s it going” and we use standard answers like “it’s great”, “really good, how bout you”.  We all need the relationship that go beyond standard casual relationships.  We need people in our lives that have permission to speak levels of truth into our lives.

Reading this article just really reminded me why this is so important.  This goes beyond the Sunday morning friends, the friends that come over and hangout while our husbands are watching football, even beyond the friends we make in our family groups.  Family groups were designed for transparency, but there is still a level of trust that has to be built into the entire group before that transparency happens.  For true accountablilty there is no room for anything but transparency.  If transparency wasn’t happening then you have someone to kick you in the butt and remind you that your aren’t be transparent –  because they know you well enough to know you aren’t be transparent.

I am excited about the opportunity to have someone kick me in the butt sometimes.  I am even more excited about the growth in our lives that I know God is going to bring out of our relationship changing.


One thought on “Accountability

  1. Chris Harrison says:

    I just wanted to let you know that this has gotten me thinking about more things I need to do. I would love to find a partner, but first I’m gonna work with Chris on finding a family group. Thank you for letting me get involved more in the church, I truely need it right now. I know God has great plans for me so I am so excited. Thanks again for everything. Love ya, Chris

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