Happy New Year

It’s a new Year.  Wow – I really wish I would have believed my mom when she told me that time flies faster the older you get 🙂  This year has been tough and really amazing.  Closed a big chapter of my life.  But opened a new one that is just full of so many new possibilities that it is really exciting.  So.

New Year = New Resolutions

Here’s a few of mine:

1.  Finish at least 1 thing that I start a week.  I love the sense of finishing a project, even a little one (i.e. I just started knitting, so number one easiest to learn to do – coasters)

2.  Try harder to stay on track with daily bible reading.  Got the new RPC Bible Plan and I love it.  But when I slip and miss, I have a hard time staying on track.

3.  Find an accountability partner.

4.  Read at least 2 non-girlie books a month.  This one is going to be a stretch for me.  I love to read.  I mean LOVE to read.  Like I can read a book a day.  I just get real lazy when it comes to reading things that will actually grow me instead of just pass the time.

5.  Figure out a way to re-capture my Saturdays.  I have been working part-time taking pictures in a portrait studio.  I love taking pictures, I would just really rather be at home taking pictures of my kids.  I’m not real sure how this one might even be remotely possible, but I really need the down time every week.

I am purposefully leaving off – going to gym, losing weight, etc.  I almost always have them on my resolution list, and they always wind up being the lowest priority and not thought about.  So, I have tried to pick 5 realistic important things that I need to work on.   So here’s to the new year.


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