I love the time right after the Christmas

I just love the time right after the Christmas. Everyone comes to Grandma’s house after Christmas. I love getting to see family that I don’t get to see very often. I have a very big family on my mom’s side with lots of cousins that I grew up really close to and over the course of growing up we all went our own ways. So getting to hang out with them for even just a few hours is really great. Sitting out back of Grandma’s house (this year around a fire pit to keep warm), playing cards, and of course exchanging white elephant gifts is just relaxing. Taking these few days off from work and getting hang out with the kids, without the hustle and bustle of making sure a list of things are done and crossed off. Watching the kids spend their gift cards – some carefully, some not so much. Taking time to be just a family – not a student, an employee, or volunteer – is great to re-focus and become re-energized.

Looking forward to ringing in the New Year and jumping back into the swing of things full force!


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