I couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong with everything this week.  It just seemed like there was something to get messed up everyday.   From my family having doctor appointments to an “incident” with a small animal and the van, things just were not really going my way this week.  Finally I thought everything was changing.  On Friday, I only worked half of the day and then Autumn & I had some girl time with Team Jacob (for all of you that have no idea what that means – we went to go see New Moon).   We went to the matinee – 1 it is cheaper, 2 we were able to get right in and not have to wait in a line for a couple of hours.  Then we just hung out afterwards.  It was great to just spend some time together.   Now Saturday was not even near as peaceful.  I woke up with a headache & went to work anyway.  Halfway thru the day – I came back home.  Then since our washing machine has been broke for over 3 weeks now, we had to go to the laundrymat.   Two hours later, and lots of lost patience we were finally back home.    Soooo  after all of this comes Sunday.  I was really not super excited about going to church this morning.  My daddy isn’t feeling well again, so momma was staying home with him.  I got a phone call in the middle of the night that a person that was going to help me with volunteer food wasn’t going to be able to now because she was taking her baby to the ER.  It was just all stacking up and making me want to just stay in bed.  But I went – and when we left I was so thankful that I went.  Even though (or especially because) I walked away challenged, it was the best spent 4 hours of my entire week.   It was the first time since becoming a staff member, that JJ was getting to speak.  It wasn’t the easiest topic – giving.  But he challenged us and reminded us of how important giving back to God really is.  Not because God needs it, but because we need it.  RPC is on the brink of taking some really big next steps.  I am excited to not only get to be even the smallest part, but also to get to support it (even in a small part).


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