Sunday Re-Wind

This morning RPC was great.  It is always really cool to me when Timm talks about where our church came from.  My family was at this church before Timm came and we have really loved the journey that he has lead us on & through even now.  I know that the church as it is now is able to reach more people than we ever could have before.  Family Groups was our key focus – and to everyone that is involved in one, we know what a big impact being involved in them can be in our lives.  Here were some key points:

  • If we don’t hang together we will hang separately (Ben Franklin)
  • Anything worth doing will be hard
  • Conviction is usually not the problem
  • Encouragement is the difference between success and surrender
  • Unswervingly (that’s just cool to say)
  • The big key for me was I can’t get spiritual growth all on my own.  I’m not smart enough, disciplined enough, nor will I ever be smart enough or disciplined enough to grow spiritually on my own.  I have to team together to have encouragement and offer encouragement.

One thought on “Sunday Re-Wind

  1. Hey Tiana, thanks for entering my blog giveaway! It’s great to meet new people and read new blogs. Hope to see you around again. Happy blogging!

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